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Solderplast operates since 1956 in the field of flexible barrier packaging mainly intended for the food industry.

Its forty years of experience in the packaging sector, guarantees the customer assistance and technical preparation necessary to successfully package not just food but a very wide range of products.

The production of Solderplast starts from the extrusion of the plastic granular polymer, up to the finished product in films or bags. The upstream integration and the complete traceability of the production chain, ensures full control over the quality of the finished product, also witnessed by the obtainment in 2003 of the first UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 certification up to today UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 .

Experience, efficiency, customer care, high quality standards and flexibility, represent for Solderplast the guidelines for a constant growth over time.

In the recent years, the company has started expanding its operations on foreign markets and today exports to most countries of the European Community, consolidating its position on the international economic scene.

Macchina per Doy Pack


Plastic/Tissue paper/doy

high speed line for the latest generation of envelopes, made in Italy, to meet the most versatile needs of the sector. Packing Machine.

Macchina per imballi


Plastic/Tissue paper/doy

High speed line for the latest generation envelopes for wedge welds for mini-grip, hinge, or double-sided adhesive.


To safeguard the integrity of Solderplast finished product, a complete traceability system has been implemented that allows us to have a dynamic picture of the entire production process necessary to reach the finished product. We can trace the raw material and the production processes used for a finished product and vice versa with a batch and under batch system. This is very useful for having a clear identification of the processes involved in the realization of the product and the corresponding materials.

Macchina per imballi