SOLDERPLAST relies on external laboratories for periodic transfer checks, migration and aging of materials. Our internal laboratory is equipped with the latest technology used for:

  • Measurement of the mechanical resistance: the elongation and the breaking strength is determined with a Dynamometer test, as well as the static and dynamic friction coefficient, the resistance to delamination, welding and perforation;
  • deepening even the smallest details of the structure of plastic or laminated films through an optical microscope with magnifications from 25 to 1000, equipped with a camera for transposing a PC image;
  • quantitatively determining through gas chromatography analysis, the solvent residuals on the packaging (always within the ranges established by the reference standards) coming from printing inks, adhesives.


A batch and sublux system with which we can trace the raw material and the production processes used for a finished product and vice versa at any moment. This is very useful for having a clear identification of the processes involved in the realization of the product and the corresponding materials.